Academic Evaluation

Internal Assessment

Internal assessment will be based on :

  1. Class attendance-min. requirement 75%.
  2. Assignments and theory classes
  3. Mid-term examinations / sessional examinations, both theory and practical
  4. Internal Viva-Voce on Project study
  5. General behavior proficiency.
  6. Continuous internal assessment during incourse practicals.

External Assessment

Total evaluation is based on the rules & regulations of affiliating university/board as they conduct the examinations for Degree/Diploma programmes. Degree Course is divided into eight/six semesters whereas the diploma course is evaluated by the State Board annually. Continuous internal evaluation is done for all courses around the year on the basis of internal tests, specific assignments, practical training, projects, etc.

Research Project Report

A student has to take up a research project carrying 200 marks for Degree/Diploma courses in final year as a part of the syllabus. The student selects a topic of his choice relevant to his training program and during research work necessary guidance is provided to him.